Know your game- Poker

The game of poker is not as easy as it is said to be. In fact, it is far more complicated and strategic than thought. In an actual people could read the face or the body language, which might give away their next move. But online casinos lack that ability and players need to be extra careful which placing the cards or bets.
Every gambling site (situs judi) has different variants of poker, but all have the basic ace as the highest and two or ‘deuce’ in the hierarchy. There are 5 cards but here is the list of basic cards in different online poker variants. It goes from highest to lowest in the hierarchy.

Straight flush are the five cards in one row or sequence. The ace (A-K-Q-J-10) is the royal flush and also the highest-ranked.
Four of a kind are four cards of the same type with one being different (7-7-7-7-J).
A full house where three cards of same type but the two cards are different. (7-7-7-J-J).
Flush are the five cards of the same suit but not in sequence (K-J-9-7-6).
Straight are the five cards in sequence but not the same suit. (K-Q-J-10-9).
Three of a kind with three kinds of the same rank but two are different. (5-5-5-Q-9).
Two pair where the two cards of the same rank, the pair of another rank and one card is different (J-J-9-9-7)
One pair are the two cards from the same rank but the rest are different (J-J-7-8-10)
The high card where the cards are not similar but it lines up from highest-order or card. (A-10-9-5-3) can be considered as the high ace.
In online poker games, the players bet for the one pot. With each bet, the pot keeps growing and the size of the bet will affect the next moves.

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